Smiley Bees Childcare & Pre-School Pty. Ltd.

Our Centre

At Smiley Bees Childcare & Pre-School, we have three ‘Smiley Bees’ Rooms. Baby Bees (0-2 Years old), Bumble Bees (2-3 Years old) and Honey Bees (3-5 Years old). Our Educational Program is adapted to reflect the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) with children’s interests, developmental stages and individual needs. Our Educators will work with the children in small groups and as individuals to meet their abilities and reach their potentials.

Baby Bees Room: 0-2 Years old

Welcome to our Baby Bees Room! Catering for children six months to two years old.
Scientific research demonstrates that brain development is strongly influenced by the kinds of early experiences our children receive. To achieve their greatest potential, we will provide the baby with a variety of interesting learning experiences. We have developed a “play with purpose” philosophy as we understand that the most important way for young children to learn is through play.

Children at this age learn by exploring with their hands and mouth. Learning how to use everyday objects is an important development at this age. Crying is the primary means of communication when infants’ and toddlers’ needs are not being met. Similarly, they smile and giggle when they want more of something, and turn their head, shut their eyes, or cry when they want less of something. Talking begins with babbling, which leads to gradually learning to say and respond to simple words and phrases. Toddlers will play in parallel – near another child, but not with that child.

Bumble Bees Room: 2-3 Years old

Welcome to our Bumble Bees Room! Catering for children ages two to three years old.As Early Childhood Educators, we believe that children need to be cared for, loved and encouraged so that they can have a strong foundation in becoming a happy, confident and capable individual.
We are passionate in creating a welcoming and stimulating environment where children find it enjoyable every day at our centre. Every child is special and unique. Their diversity is in each individual’s strengths that contribute to the variety of learning. We aim to developtheir strengths, assisttheir emerging skills and support them to further reach their potentials.
The children’s experience at our centre would be educational and joyful.

Honey Bees Room: 3-5 Years old

Welcome to our Honey Bees Room! Catering for kids three to five years old.
Here at our centre, children are exposed to a wide variety of challenges and life-long experiences that provides them with the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills and to socialise and interact with peers at their own age. We enforce a strong literacy and numeracy focus to ensure the children are ready for school and to build a foundation that can further assist them in future learning.
All of our Qualified Early Childhood Educators are there to assist the children, address their needs, and provide the best education. The centre aims to build a strong, healthy mind, self-confidence, problem solving skills, a creative mindset, fine motor skills and the ability to think critically.Interactive learning and hands-on activities are essential in the development of learning to prepare the children for kindergarten. Our carefully planned educational programs are carried out daily by our Experienced Qualified Early Childhood Educators.